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Ls-9 Recording


Joe Brugnoni:
For some reason, I cannot copy the recordings I have made with my ls-9 to a CD or a DVD, I have tried a couple of computers,  I need some advice.

Thanks in advance

Rob Spence:
Describe what you are doing and what is going wrong.

Steve Hurt:
The LS-9 records to MP3 format.

My guess is you are trying to make a music CD with MP3's

CD's made with MP3's are data CD's, not music CD's

To make a music CD with MP3's, you can use Windows media player and it will convert them to .WAV files and then burn a CD for you (the resulting disk will have files that show as .CDA)

Post again if this isn't enough info.

Joe Brugnoni:
OK, I think I have tried media player but I will go back and see what happens.  Thanks

Daniel Nickleski:
I haven't done this in forever, but I think it has something to do with how the file is names. I think the board saves it as .MP3 and to burn it to a cd you need to resave it as .mp3 (lowercase). Again this is just a faint memory in my head... Let us know if it works.


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