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Mic suggestion for live acoustic guitar application

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Jay Barracato:
Depending on the artists likes/dislikes, if the artist is seated you may want to consider adding an over the shoulder mic in addition to the front stand.


The KM is a nice mic. But my preference would be something from Earthworks. I think they just sound more open and natural.


ps if you are Guy from Wales. Kevin at Unity Audio has demo packages.

Marsellus Fariss:

--- Quote from: Dave Unger on January 31, 2011, 03:34:12 PM ---The KM184 is one of my favorite guitar mics.  I use them all the time.  They can be a little tricky in the monitors.

--- End quote ---

"A little tricky in the monitors?" Yea, here's tricky... hot humid summer day in the south and Tony Rice comes at you (the on monitors) with a pair of 184's on a big festival stage w/ no soundcheck under a giant tin roof and says "we'll use these. get em' up so we can hear will ya?" Good thing there were 12AM's on the stage that day. And that the Turbo rig was pretty well aimed. That's some stressful shit when don't have SMAART around. Even so when you do.   


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