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Mic suggestion for live acoustic guitar application

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Guy Morris:

I have a job coming up which is a recital from a well respected  classical guitarist. He does not use pick ups and would normally not require any S/R but the event will be staged using two adjoining rooms so those seated in the second room will require some  help to hear the recital fully due to the acoustics. I have some good suitable mics for  acoustic guitar but was looking into either having a Neumann KM184 or AKG 414 XLS on inventory for this kind of occasion. The Neumann appeals  as it is a smaller discreet mic but I do not want to compromise sound for size, both microphones are in the running so thoughts from those that have used either or both please.

Geoff Doane:
The KM184 (or hyper-card 185) mic is one of the go-to mics for acoustic guitar where I work.  Schoeps Collette series also get the nod.  And although we've got lots of 414s, I don't think anyone ever uses them for acoustic guitar (not sure why, I probably should try it sometime).

Another mic that doesn't suck for this is the AKG C460B+CK61 (the C460 has been replaced by the C480 in the AKG lineup).


Dave Unger:
The KM184 is one of my favorite guitar mics.  I use them all the time.  They can be a little tricky in the monitors.  The 414 is also great on a guitar, but wouldn't be my first choice.

Karl Winkler:
Both mics should be fine for this purpose. The 184 might sound a tad more "natural", and it is easier to place and hide. Both mics have a touch of lift in the highs, so it may be desirable to knock off just a hair of the top so they don't sound too bright when close-miking the guitar.

Guy Morris:
Thanks guys very helpful feedback, looks like the Km184 from the two possibles is the mic of choice for the application and as its a more affordable price I may go for a matched pair for future use!


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