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JBL MRX512M vs PV SP112M


Robert Chafe:
The JBL is lighter at 33lbs vs 52lbs of the PV but the JBL is also $150 more per box (MAP).  The PV also has a 2" horn where as the JBL has a 1.5" and the spread of the PV is 90 degrees where the JBL is 70 degrees.  Thoughts???

Tim Tyler:
Robert -

I've used both.  The JBL is lighter, pro-looking, but the SP12m significantly outperforms.  -* (being used as a monitor wedge - I've not used the JBL as foh.  Both powered by 700w -PLX3402.)  The Peavey has a better horn, stronger woofer, "flatter" sound (full-range, passive) and gets significantly louder without "breaking down", much more solid at high volumes.

If you won't be pushing the db limits on stage, the light weight of the JBL is very attractive and the sound is decent.  If you plan on getting somewhat loud on stage, Peavey.  -IMO
-Tim T

Robert Chafe:
Thanks for the input.  That's kinda what I was thinking but it's good to hear it from another source.  I just wish the weight of the SP112 was closer to the 33lbs of the MRX512. 


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