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Directivity of TH115/118

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Steven Gustafson:
I'm searching...  Sorry.

Steven Gustafson:
This is what I copied and saved.  I hope it posts right.

Steven Gustafson:
Sorry it's so big, that's how I got it and honestly, I don't know how to change it.

Sorry if this exceeds the size limit.  I think whoever made it wanted everyone to see the numbers in the measurement screen.

Steven Gustafson:
Then this too...

Mike Hedden:
I did those measurements and did indeed make the file large so it could be easily read.
Langston will hopefully chime in as he has considerable experience with both the TH115 and TH118.  I've got a picture of him doing an outdoor venue seating around 10,000 using 8 TH118's.  The Liberty Bowl in Memphis seats around 60,000 and uses 8 TH115's which I've been told for their normal use they could have gotten by with fewer cabinets.

Mike Hedden
Danley Sound Labs, Inc.


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