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Author Topic: Can I use a consoles onboard Ocillator to calibrate it's analog VU meters?  (Read 988 times)

Marsellus Fariss

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Fixing up an old Crest desk and need to calibrate it's meters. I'm aware of the method of creating a reference tone with a DAW or signal gen software and measuring the outputs voltage to be sure it's +4db. However I was thinking since the desk has a oscillator and pink noise generator section would it be accurate enough to use for meter calibration? There's little info in the user manual other then "Oscillator Level Control- The rotary fader adjusts the level from off to +4db." Think I could trust it to be an accurate +4db for just this? This desk is very well designed and I would like to assume they had though of this and it's accurate enough.

Also, specific to the aux VU's, the aux outputs have masters (rotary pots) that don't have any markings or center dent's for unity gain. How can I set the aux masters to unity to calibrate these meters? 
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If it only goes up to +4dBu, it seems logical that would be close enough to line up meters to.. I'd use something like 400Hz-1kHz tone if available.

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