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Glue Only?

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Mike Caldwell:
I use screws and 1x1 at all joints as well as bracing front to back, side to side and stringers where needed. Tightbond 2 glue.

Jeremy McNichol:
Glued and srewwed is best , that aside 18 gauge Brad nails really help out when gluing
especially when you put them on an angle. Big plus as welll they don't kill the router bit.

Sheldon Harris:

--- Quote from: Ray Buksa on January 25, 2011, 07:09:02 PM --- I've been working on a sub project and was wandering if anyone had built with glue only Joints.

 I've tried to take apart previous boxes I've put together with glue and screws, and it always ends in destruction of the joint.

 The glues are stronger than the wood.

 All these joints are quite tight by design no butt joints. Mostly dados or some combo. Clean well managed cuts.
 So how does a glue only joint hold up?  No cheapo glues here either

--- End quote ---

used many types of glues. lately, epoxy or west system, when clamped impossible to break in the joint. inspite of all that, i still use screws. always! boxes with both stand up better when dropped from a height. and i'm not talking the regular 4' ground stacked height. in my time i have unfortunately seen a lot of stuff fall

John Livings:

--- Quote from: Tim Weaver on February 01, 2011, 09:04:04 PM ---You should clarify; Was it the glue that came apart, or the mdf itself? I've destroyed a few MDF cabinets and the glue always holds tight while the MDF itself delaminates and tears at the joints.

In my experience MDF is a poor choice of materials when you are talking about a cabinet that will be moved a lot. Even cheap plywood is a better choice for PA cabs.

MDF is great for prototyping and building home hi-fi cabinets though. Its very easy to work with and is very uniform and non-resonant.

--- End quote ---

+1 MDF is a poor choice for almost anything, Elmer's "Carpenters Wood Glue" is great.

No "Butt Joints" unless you use Screws.

Regards,  John

Charlie Zureki:

   Screws or air driven staples or nails make the assembly of a cabinet much easier, when they are used to hold the work pieces stationary while the glue or adhesives bond.

    But, once an industrial glue is set, there is no need for a screw, nail or staple, and these fasteners add no additional strength to the cabinet joint.  The wood will break before the glued joint will break, and if the wood breaks, the mechanical fasteners won't stop the damage.




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