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Brightness - Not what I expected!


Darren Scaresbrook:

I had a gig on the weekend which included 4 Martin 518 scanners and 2 acme winner scanners. The 518's use a 250w discharge lamp(msd250) and the winners use a 250w halogen lamp. I was expecting the winners to be very dull in comparison, however, they were actually significantly brighter than the Martins!
All the fixtures had practically new lamps fitted. Any ideas why this may have been? It was certainly not what I was expecting to see.


duane massey:
Must have been serious alignment or reflector issues. The Acme looks like a Chauvet Intimidator clone, ELC lamp?

Brian Levy:
i have some chauvet intimidator 2's (250w halogen), and some design spot 250's (msd250/2), and the intimidators often look brighter than the ds250's.  i've used them together for five years.  the intimidators do have a tighter beam than the ds250's which might help them a little, but the key is to only use 50 hour lamps.  those elc halogen lamps are very bright when they're new, but after 50 or 60 hours, they dim to what seems like less than 20 percent of their original output.
i bought a round of 500 hour lamps once, and when one went out and i changed it, the other ones weren't even on compared to the new one.  i only buy ushio elc lamps, and i replace them after every 8 shows, about 40-45 hours average, so they never go out during a show.  they mix very well with the design spots. the difference in color temp is noticeable in white, but not vomit inducing, but the difference in other colors is hardly noticeable at all.

James Feenstra:
The msds advantage is that they have a considerably longer life than their halogen partners, and don't start dropping off till the 1000-1500 hour mark


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