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Accuscan vs Technobeam

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Josh Brewer:
Not very knowledgeable in this area...Looking to purchase either some "B" stock accu-scans or used technobeams.  I have friends that own each and they both appear to be excellent units.  For about the same price I can get (4) of the "B" stock accu-scans with 90 day warranty or (4) used Technobeams (2 with iris) and the controller.  Anyone have any suggestions on which would be the best buy?  Thanks.

Craig Leerman:
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Tim Weaver:
This should really be a no brainer. One is a internationally accepted intelligent light. The other has "DJ" literally written on the side of it.....

Josh Brewer:
ha good point!  I've always felt the same way, it just seemed that everyone has been raving about the accuscans and they do look good, just didn't know about the reliability.

Tim Weaver:
I'm sure the accuscans would be fine, but the reason anybody would buy an ADJ or Chauvet light over a High End fixture is due to price. In your case the price is similar so why not go with the real deal and not the knockoff.


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