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Creating a headphone switcher/volume control


Erich Schneider:
Our back room has two audio feeds sharing a powered monitor system.  I am creating a switcher that allows the monitor speakers to switch between the two sources (the BOH mixer and  the tricaster).  I also want to include additional in-line headphone jacks and a volume control for the monitor speakers.

I understand the basic wiring of the series, but I have two questions to complete it.

On the switch, there will likely be a pop as the switch position is changed.  (3PDT - L/R/Ground switching IN1/IN2 into speaker output).  Would a capacitor (or two- one for each channel) eliminate the pop?  If so, where is it wired?

Second, in a standard volume pot, the input comes in on the left leg, the output from the center and the right leg shunts back to ground.  Will this affect the headphones if they are wired in parallel?  Basically, I have three 1/4" TRS jacks wired in parallel and then through the volume pot to the speaker outputs.  What is the best way to do this?


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