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May be in your area

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Scott Crawford:
Warehouse in Shreveport. That`s my hometown but I`ve never been in the venue.  I  think I know the house guy. If you want I can scope  it out for you...... Gear etc.

Scott Crawford
Monitor Engineer
Horseshoe Casino - Riverdome

Dave Bigelow:
Sam, yeah some of these are gonna be "fun", especially with two other touring bands on the bill.

That would be awesome Scott, advancing some of these has been next to impossible.

Stavross (Sam Buck):
I might try and make it down to Des Moines, can't say for sure just yet.

I don't know if you've been to Biricks before, it's been a couple years for me. A couple home-brew mains center clustered over some Peavy 2x18's GL2400 at FOH. Last time I was there house guy wouldn't let me adjust any of the gates/comps. At least one of the monitors had a blown horn, I don't remember what they were, maybe more home-brews. I blew a breaker last time I was there, which of course they blammed me for, entire PA was on one 20amp circuit.

Dave Bigelow:
Sounds ummm, interesting there. Good thing I am carrying all my own comps and gates again.

I'll go ahead and make a note to have you plus one on the list just in case.


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