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Dave Bigelow:
Club run, mostly smaller venues, traveling with Bobaflex again. Just hit me up on here or facebook if you don't have anything to do and wanna come out. Not traveling with many goodies, just mics and some rack gear.

Feb 8th- Hooligans. Jacksonville, NC
Feb 9th- Volume 11. Raleigh, NC
Feb10th- The Masquerade. Atlanta, GA
Feb11th- The State Theater St Petersburg, FL
Feb12th- The Pit. Jacksonville, FL
Feb13th- The Haven. Orlando, FL
Feb14th- Cafe Firenze Birmingham, AL
Feb16th- Exit Inn. Nashville, TN
Feb17th- The Warehouse.Shreveport, LA
Feb18th- Trees. Dallas, TX
Feb19th-Brickhouse Live Oklahoma City
Feb20th- EBGB's. Amarillo, TX
Feb22nd- The Whisky A Go Go LA, CA

More to come, those are just the one that have been posted.

Todd Larick:
Let me know if you get to Columbus Ohio!!   :)


Dave Bigelow:

--- Quote from: Todd Larick on January 28, 2011, 07:03:57 AM ---Let me know if you get to Columbus Ohio!!   :)


--- End quote ---

Was just there on New Years, guessing it will be a few months before the guys stop there again but I'll try and remember to send you something the next time I see a Columbus date. Out until the end of March so it would probably be sometime in May.

Dave Bigelow:

Feb 14 Cafe Firenze Birmingham AL


Feb 16 Exit In Nashville TN


Feb 17 The Warehouse Shreveport LA


Feb 18 Trees Dallas Texas


Feb 20 Ebgb's Amarillo TX


Feb 22 The Whiskey A-Go-Go Los Angeles CA


Feb 25 Last Day Saloon Santa Rosa CA


Mar 2 El Corazon Seattle WA


Mar 4 Knitting Factory Spokane WA


Mar 9 House of Bricks Des Moines Iowa


Mar 11 Busters Mankato MN


Mar 12 Star Bar St Cloud MN


Mar 13 Annex Madison WI


Mar 18 Machine Shop Flint MI


Mar 19 Eagles club Parkersburg WV

Stavross (Sam Buck):
House of Bricks?

Sorry to hear that.


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