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Ear mold question


Tim Halligan:
Long time listener...first time caller...


My mother is pretty darn deaf...and wears a hearing aid in each ear, but one ear is more prone to feedback than the other...which is annoying for her, annoying for me, and due to my father being deaf too...he can't hear when it feeds back so he can re-seat it for her. It is particularly bad while she is eating, as the movement of the jaw is causing the mold to unseal.

She is due for a new mold, as when you get to that age the ear changes shape pretty rapidly...

Anyhoo, I seem to remember someone around, the old place...mentioning there was a particular kind of mold or impression process that made for a better fit to singers' IEMs...something to do with the fact that they open and close their mouths a lot...and this particular process allegedly allowed for a good seal no matter how much they opened and closed their traps.

So the question: What do I tell my dad to ask the person taking the impression?

Thanks in advance.


Simon Ryder:
Hi Tim,

First you should send your mother to a doctor to get the mold in her ear treated. ;)

Then I suggest you get some new moulds made for her hearing aid.

If you were in the UK, I could suggest some good audiologists.

My suggestion would be to find someone who sells Ultimate Ears products or Sensaphonics products and ask which audiologists they recommend.

Best of luck,


Dave Alderdice:
You should be asking them to use a "bite block" which will put the jaw in a semi open position while they take the impression.

Tim Halligan:
Thanks gents.



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