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First Bar Install: Part 1

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Kurt Stephens:

--- Quote from: Taylor Phillips on January 28, 2011, 05:32:04 PM --- I wouldn't say I was recommending installing an incomplete system; just that because of your budget constraints you should think in phases. Phase 1 can handle a small jazz duo or trio, phase 2 a larger jazz group, phase 3 can handle a full on rock band etc.  I think a lot of places end up with poor systems because they buy more components as time goes by and money comes in, but they didn't have plan from the beginning and everything comes together in a haphazard afterthought kind of way.  I'm saying you should plan the additions now so that doesn't happen.  Planning is a lot cheaper than fixing.

--- End quote ---

I think that is a very intelligent approach to this - thank you. I will look into these possibilities and eventually might start a "part 2" to address specifics with things like this.

Ned Ward:
Another thought - what do other bars in the area have? May be best to specialize and make it the best jazz/solo bar experience out there if everyone else has a rock band PA/bar. I do like the idea of phases to the investment; the challenge is the initial investment (power, cabling, trunks, acoustic treatment) isn't the sexy stuff that shows, but done right, allows for great expansion down the line.

Ned Ward:

--- Quote from: Brad Weber on January 28, 2011, 12:29:15 PM ---Unfortunately, the only acoustics forum here is in the R/E/P Section and is focused on studio acoustics rather than live performance venue or large room acoustics.  As you note, when dealing with public assembly spaces versus home studios and with installed systems versus portable systems there are potentially important differences not just technically but also in terms of things that like code compliance and common construction techniques.

--- End quote ---

Brad - thanks for clarifying. Was trying to keep people at least on this forum but hadn't gone too in depth on that specific section since I have a home studio and found some threads interesting, but didn't see any on live room treatment.

We've all been in bars where sound bounces around; this may be a good time to see how to tame that from the start and in some cases will make those initial investments in gear work better/harder for the money.


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