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What tablet for Tablet mixing/system control?

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Randall Hyde:

--- Quote from: Tim Weaver on January 23, 2011, 05:42:23 PM ---I need a new tablet. This will be my dedicated audio pc so it will need to run things like System Architect, Studio Manager, Smaart, and anything else audio related as well. I will be remote mixing with it so ergonomics and battery life play an important role in the decision as well.

What would you buy for yourself?


--- End quote ---

I bought an HP Touchsmart laptop that converts to a tablet. I run SAC from it (wirelessly). It's an i5 system, so it has the oomph to run the apps you're discussing. It is, however, a bit heavy for a tablet computer (when converted to tablet mode).

It does operate as a standard laptop as well as a tablet. However, if you want a tablet for the light weight, I'd hold one of these before purchasing it.
Randy Hyde


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