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What tablet for Tablet mixing/system control?

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Steve Dumont:
When I use Smaart / tablet it is always when using remote desktop to a PC at FOH.  Network is generally all wired except a wifi access point @ FOH for the tablet.

Reference Ch and wireless receiver from the measurement mic are tied into a USB Pre  which is wired to the laptop.  Tablet RDC to the laptop.
Refresh rate can be a bit laggy for Smaart if your WiFi link is not great but impulse and transfer response is plenty good for doing system setup.

Using it with a standalone tablet would indeed present a wiring problem.


Mac Kerr:
Taking this one more step, i am typing this using my iPad connected via VNC to my laptop. response seems fine, although controlling a non-touch interface via touchscreen is not as slick as using apps designed for iPad. but I can be in the bedroom working from the computer in the living room.


Jay Barracato:

--- Quote from: Mac Kerr on January 23, 2011, 05:47:46 PM ---I wouldn't buy a tablet to run all those applications. I'd buy a laptop or rack mount computer for that and use a small, light tablet to VNC into the wired computer running the apps. In my case that would be an iPad, but there are other alternatives in the pipeline if you don't want an iPad.


--- End quote ---

Many of those alternatives especially at the low to mid price range (competing with Ipad) seem to be going with Android as an operating system. I don't know enough about what is available for Android to know if that is meaningful.

I am thinking of forgoing the touch screen and setting up a netbook with my audio stuff.

Paul Lipp:
Im currently using a Motion computing M1300, which is alittle old, but runs great; I have Sys Architect, Studio manager, cobranet manager and chamsys running on here without any problem... all on a 1ghz 2gb computer,  to speed it up a bit I may put in a SSD drive, but everything runs flawlessly over wifi.

Mac's vnc into rack solution is what I use at work, and is alittle more stable... if your battery goes dead or god forbid you BSD, whatever your running is now shot.. and in my case, I have lighting running on my tablet, which would blow, I havent decided what to do about this yet, I havent done a show with lights on it yet, but im sure it will happen before I have a permanent solution.

Hope it helps..

Tom Reid:

--- Quote from: Mac Kerr on January 23, 2011, 07:54:38 PM ---I think that is not a good solution when you are on the road. That means you are limited to the tablet for all your computing. Since Windows is not a tablet based OS, and most general applications are not tablet focussed it is going to be harder to do all the other things you might do with a computer. A tablet like an iPad or Galaxy Tab weighs almost nothing, is very thin, an will be almost unnoticed in your bag. It will have better battery life than a Windows tablet, I get a full day of off and on web surfing on a charge with my iPad, and I can watch movies on a plane or bus, or read books on it. When I want to type, or have a computer hard wired to my gear so it doesn't have to reconnect for an RF dropout, I have my regular laptop.

The pair don't have to weigh much more than the Windows tablet and they will be much more convenient and flexible.


ps. Smaart on a tablet seems silly, since you need to have at least 2 audio cables attached to the computer anyway. A base station computer and a VNC tablet seems much more useful.

--- End quote ---

Mac hints to something we called Thin Client computing back in the 80s.  The idea was you had horsepower somewhere deep in the IT jungle, and you accessed that horsepower via a lightweight client.  This worked fine with the usual caveats of network reliability, application scalability, and other "things" that soundmen needn't worry about.
As far as Windows not being a tablet OS, that was true until MS released XP Tablet PC.  Vista and Windows 7 have tablet APIs that can be added from the famed Add/Remove features button buried 3 layers deep.  I ran older versions of SA on a pigged out X41 tablet.  Except for the load time on the slow harddrive, the app was light enough to be responsive.  A good "G" wireless maintained connectivity.
For Smaart, Windows Remote Desktop also allows forwarding of the audio ports to the client.
I can anitcipate what kinds of time issues this would cause, but a hybrid of the record and playback port locations could be of some advantage to the guy who tinkers.



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