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Conference Mic Systems

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[email protected]:
Not to hijack this thread but have you had issues with paper rustlers with the revoluto. Seems to me like you'd have all the issues of a typical pzm placement in that application.

Mark Mattocks:
The Revoluto is really nothing like a PZM or typical boundary microphone.  It is a horizontal array of microphone elements that picks up in a "corridor" pattern with better reach than a single element.  The corridor does not pick up paper rustling on the table, but does pick up paper flailing against the mic if you have that kind of a meeting. 

Brad Weber:
I'd throw DIS (Danish Interpretation Systems) in the mix as well, some of their products are also being offered by Listen Technologies.

Dave Rittenhouse:
Thanks everyone for the info. I have a demo of the wired Bosch system this week so we will see what shakes out!


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