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Conference Mic Systems

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Dave Rittenhouse:
Since Shure discontinued their Conference One System; I wondering what other systems are out there and who has been using what, to what success?

Glen Kelley:
I have heard good things about the Bosch systems, but have not used them. There is a decent-sized installation at Ft. Bliss here in El Paso. I can try to find info if you're interested in talking with the folks using it. 

I believe they have a wireless version as well, scary as that idea may be....  :D

Chad Costanzo:
The bosch system is excellent I have provided this for a few groups and they all love it and it sounds excellent as well.

[email protected]:
Good results with a few brahler systems here.

Mark Mattocks:
Beyerdynamic works for me.

Wanted to add - the Revoluto unit with the line array of microphones is better than the gooseneck mics IMO.



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