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Author Topic: Education in electronics - where to start?  (Read 3622 times)

Paul Dershem

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Re: Education in electronics - where to start?
« Reply #10 on: August 09, 2011, 06:15:16 pm »

Good advice!

The people who continually impress me as I watch them go shooting up their respective career ladders are those who have identified their passions first, and proceeded strategically in an effort to follow their passions in the most pragmatic and expedient manner possible. These are frequently individuals who are described by others as: "living their lives fully," "Grabbing life by the horns;" "being go-getters;" "Top performers;" "unstoppable."

Identify your passions; be smart about achieving your goals; assure your behavior is congruent with your stated values - practice integrity; give maximum emphasis to your values, self-management, and interpersonal skills; and let nothing stop you.

The rest - schools, mentors, job experience, specific skills, are all ingredients on a salad bar we call life. Select thoughtfully.

To survive in a rapidly progressing field, it's tough to avoid investing time and effort acquiring skills that have a short shelf-life. Predicting the future is the hardest part of the equation.



  I HAVE an Electrical Engineering Degree, and a Degree in Chemistry... I consider myself "in the know".  The suggestions I made regarding the course of study for the different categories of Audio product development work were, I on.

 I suggested that Todd contact some of the Engineers at Audio Equipment Manufacturers (or at least the HR Departments) to find what they'd consider in regards to qualifications for employment...were again, also on.

  All Engineering Colleges are different, some opportunities exist to assist in research projects (for a better, advanced understanding in theory and practice) at some, and in others, very little extra-curricular projects.

  In regards to advanced is one thing to be able to trouble shoot an existing circuit, it is another to develop a new circuit with new concepts and new components....the difference between a repair tech and a Design Engineer.

 Or, take a material that has not been used in commercial marketed products, and use it's properties or material advantages to produce a newer, advanced product.

  Learning what some may find to be useless, outdated an Engineer background as to where, when and how technology has evolved, and may offer inspiration in regards to new concepts or technology.

  There are some posters here in this forum, that work in product development, maybe they will add to the discussion...?

Live without pretending
Love without depending
Listen without defending
Speak without offending.

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Re: Education in electronics - where to start?
« Reply #10 on: August 09, 2011, 06:15:16 pm »

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