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Yamaha DSR115 DSR Speakers - Fantastic speakers


Josh Billings: I'll just get right to it...these speakers sound fantastic. I don't want to use too many silly terms like "warm" and whatnot, but the best way to describe the sound on these is the 60-100 hz region is very well defined and controlled...If i didn't know any better I'd say the amp has a very high damping factor (lol). Seriously though I have these setup in my home right now just to listen to some songs through them because I like the way they sound so much.

FWIW I've tested the QSC KW153, JBL 635s (FWIW not a HUGE difference between the two...if i had to pick I'd probably pick the JBLs just for the 20lb weight savings) + the EV LiveX 15s and I also have experience with Carvin TRX115n (our current monitor setup that is pretty good but weak below 70 hz and doesn't get loud enough for some DJs) along with Mackie SRM-450s (V1 & V2 - V1 sounding better IMO) + JBL EON (G1, G2 and current series) and the Mackie HD1531. I also am familiar with the club series Yamaha speakers and was never a big fan.

These are the first speakers to IMPRESS me for what they are. These were honestly neck and neck with the Mackie HD1531s but with so many horror stories of them thermaling out / blowing up drivers I didn't want to risk it with the DJ acts we book + at 100lbs a little too much for me to pole mount myself.

FWIW You can get these for under $700 if you negotiate a bit and they are worth every dime. Oh and don't be deterred by the 60 lb. weight on these...they really don't feel very heavy at all. Our current monitors are 47 lbs and I don't really notice a difference in weight.

Josh Billings


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