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Ha Ha, now you know what it is like!

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It's 112 degrees at my house right now.  Dew points are pretty low right now though, only in the mid 50s.

It is like this all summer long.  Now I have to watch the news with a bunch of pansies in the midwest complaining about the oppressively hot weather.  If any of you got to work outside in the heat wave this week, just know that we deal with that type of heat everyday! 

You'll understand when I say it takes twice as many people twice as long to get anything done in our heat.  You burn your hands while wrapping cables at the end of the show, you get cracks in road cases, your cables have the sheathing strech and contract....All in all it is totally different than typical 85-90 degree weather with humidity.

Bob Leonard:
101 degrees on my porch this afternoon and hotter tomorrow. Who you calling a pansy.

Tim McCulloch:
106F today at 4pm, I didn't look at the heat index.  We've got another week or more before we get a 3 day break, then back to more of this. The central plains will see above-average temps until mid-September.

John Roberts {JR}:
Because it's summer.... In six months everybody will be complaining about the cold again.


g'bye, Dick Rees:

Where I used to live up in Norway.  Fondly remembering outdoor festivals @ -30........


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