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Author Topic: Stage Pockets - How to wire 1/4 monitor jacks back to amps  (Read 6207 times)

Lee Buckalew

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Re: Stage Pockets - How to wire 1/4 monitor jacks back to amps
« Reply #10 on: July 21, 2011, 06:06:36 pm »

I will be using Speakon only going forward for the monitor spaekers, I know not to use intrument cables etc. But it is a church, and if the plug will fit in, someone will surely try it at leas once. :-).  The amps will be located right behind the stage so the longest run will probably be about 30 ft.  I am interested int the patch panel idea, just not sure I totally understand it. I grasp the concept of future flexibility, but for the near future does this allow me to take my Aux 1 out from my amp to all 6 locations? (understanding that I can oly have 3 speakers max to one channel).  I am familiar with pc network patch panels, just not audio, is it the same concept? Is there a site you can recommend that explains the actual configuration of a patch panel.  And finally can you recommend a good "cost effective" patch panel solution?  Thanks for all of your help.

A cost effective solution that would allow for future flexibility and the option of adding a patch panel later may be to link through barrier strips.  This would allow all home run wiring from the stage pockets, with properly crimped and soldered spade lugs at the terminal strips.  Then the terminal strips would link to the appropriate amp channels.  Much less expensive than a patch bay but it lets you change or troubleshoot any individual runs easily.  It also allows you to split the cabling to the floor pockets into additional monitor outputs as you add more amp channels by simply changing your wiring at the terminal strips.

Lee Buckalew
Pro Sound Advice, Inc.
Lee Buckalew
Pro Sound Advice, Inc.

Brian Ehlers

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Re: Stage Pockets - How to wire 1/4 monitor jacks back to amps
« Reply #11 on: July 21, 2011, 07:20:39 pm »

I agree with Lee.  You don't have to wire a patch panel, but installing "home runs" for each stage box does give you the flexibility to grow and add more amplifier channels.  The separate runs also mean that if a short develops somewhere, you only lose the connections at one stage box, not all (which is what Dick was getting at).

Make sure you leave a service loop of speaker wire underneath each floor box.  If you have to service it later (and you will), you need enough cable to work with so that you're not trying to solder in an impossible location.

Speakon connectors are an excellent idea.  Even if your current wedges only have 1/4" jacks, use speakon for all NEW wiring (both under and above the floor) and build speakon-to-1/4" adapters for your old wedges (or actually replace the jacks in the cabinets).  Think forward, not backward.
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