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PA setup on a 3000 pounds budget


Konrad Mosakowski:
I am looking to buy a PA setup which i will use for partys in my garage, and/or maybe to rent out. My budget is around 3000 GPB. I have found a setup which i think is suitable for my needs. I want to hear which of the two, you would choose? I am worried that the amps in both setup wont be enough to drive the speakers. If you have some other recomandations i would be happy to hear about them

Thx in advance

Doug Fowler:
Real name, please.

Fernando Lopez:
This is my suggestion within your budget:

1 RCF 4pro8003:

2 RCF art312a MKII:

Use what is left for cables, stands and a pair of lights

Rick Byers:
I'd seriously look at offering 3k for this:


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