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QSC K12 & KW118 vs JBL MRX 512/515 & 528S


Robert Chafe:
Alright this is a very very lengthy post.

I purchased a powered QSC system for my band early last year ( (3) QSC K12 & (2) QSC Ksub).  Weve recently upgraded from the Ksub to the KW118 a BIG step up in my opinion.  How weve been running the system so far is stacking the (2) KW118 subs on top of each other on one side of the stage and running (1) K12 on a stand on either side of the stage.  At some venues that are a little wide we usually throw a third K12 up on a stand to cover the spread.  The entire band uses IEM so there are generally no monitors on stage.  Although we have had to use the 3rd K12 as a monitor before when we had a sub sitting in with the band who doesnt have IEM. 

A little about the band and our stage setup.  We are a 4-piece (Vox, Gtr, Bass & Drums) and play pop/rock music (Def Leppard, Buckcherry, Van Halen, Fall Out Boy).  We typically mic the kick, snare/hi-hat, overhead, guitar, DI the bass and have (3) vocal mics.  In addition to the band we of course pump the current dance music through the system on breaks much like your typical dance club.

I recently heard a pair of JBL MRX528S subs each powered by a Crown XTi200 in bridge mono mode and they completely crushed.  So it got my mind started about possibly switching our system over to a JBL MRX & Crown Xti system. 

Here are the questions.  First what are everyones opinions of the JBL MRX 18s paired with a Crown XTi compared to the QSC KW118?  Frequency response, spl level, etc?  Two options I am considering are adding another pair of QSC KW118 for a total of (4) QSC KW118s or replacing my existing pair of QSC KW118s with a pair of JBL MRX528S paired with (2) Crown Xti2000 amps.  The reason for this question is that I am only happy with the single pair of QSC KW118s in smaller venues (IE 150 people venue). Thoughts???
Next questions concern the high packs.  I have been nothing but extremely pleased with the K12s but if Im going to switch out the subs I would most likely switch the tops to a comparable JBL & Crown setup.  First question, would the JBL MRX512M or JBL MRX515 be a better choice for mains (either paired with a single Crown XTi200 in bridge mono mode)?  Keep in mind that I would only do this if I change to a JBL MRX528S per side. 
Would I even need to be concerned about the limited low end response of the MRX512M in comparison to the MRX515?   Ive read that some people think there is a marked difference in the eq curve between these two enclosures mostly saying the MRX512M is harsher opinions??  Ive always heard a 12 would reproduce vocals better - thoughts?

 For a wider spread I would also consider having a total of (4) tops (either MRX512M or MRX515) with (2) Crown Xti2000 amps.  Would this cover the width of most any venue (a generalization I know)?   Also, where would I set each crossover if I matched a pair of MRX512M with a pair of MRX528S and a pair of MRX515 with a pair of MRX528S respectively. 

There are a few other reasons I am considering the big change over.  First, Our system is currently just adequate for larger venues IE if I needed an extra 10-15% I just dont have it right now (highs or lows).  Second, it is actually getting a little cumbersome to setup the powered system.  Running a few extension cords, then individual power cords, then xlr to each speaker.  VS the JBL which would be a few short XLRs between the mixer to amp rack and then a single speakon to each cabinet.  Third, JBL system would give me a greater flexibility.  For small acoustic duo shows I could bring out (2-3) MRX512M and a small powered mixer.  Acoustic Trio with a drummer I could bring (2) MRX515 and (2) MRX512M with a small powered mixer.  Or (4) MRX512M and (1) MRX528S with the bigger mixer and amp rack.  It would also give me flexibility to run sound for other bands in smaller venues when were off.  IE (2) MRX 512M or (2) MRX515, (2) MRX528S and either (4) MRX512M or (2) SP112M & (2) SP115M. 

Which brings up another question, I would hate to throw MRX512M cabs down on the floor if I ran sound for another band.  Most bands would beat the crap out of them, so I would either use PV SP112M & SP115M monitors or possibly JRX112M thoughts?


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