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chris fletchall:
Any one ever use pallet wrap to wrap your pa speakers to prepair for rain? A tarp requirs lots of duct tape and bungees but this stuff sticks to itself and you can just trash it.

I know sound will suffer but this is for the "show must go on" events.

Do you guys think it will work?

Tony "T" Tissot:

--- Quote from: chris fletchall on January 20, 2011, 09:16:14 PM ---Do you guys think it will work?

--- End quote ---

Kurt Stephens:
I think it would probably be too tight to the speaker and not allow enough air to move around - but thats just me, never tried it.

Jack Arnott:

Dave Dermont:
I have never used pallet wrap, but I have had to to do festival sets with the speakers (mains and monitors) covered with blue tarps.

In threatening weather, I usually have a plan that includes tarps rolled up and placed where they will be deployed.

I don't know if pallet wrap would be better or worse than a woven tarp as far as the effect it would have on the sound.

I'd say it's a reasonable idea, and worth a try.


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