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DBX Driverack settings for Radian Neo 1500XD wedge monitor


Thomas Robinson:
Hello, does anyone have recommendations for where to start with this combination? I cannot even find the time offset correction number. I'm using Crest 7001 amps. The factory is shipping a monitor to try out. Many thanks,

Thomas Robinson
Concert Sound Inc.
Portland, Oregon, USA

Bob Leonard:
Pretty poor reference material on Radians web site, and you would think that this should be a no brainer. Obviously you want to bi-amp the cabinet or yopu wouldn't need the DSP. I suggest you call Radian and ask them for the crossover point and suggested hi-pass and low-pass settings then work from there using the best tool of all, your ears. Not what you want to hear, but that's exactly what I had to do with a DR480 recently. Be assured it only hurts a little.


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