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Whats there to do in Trinidad & Tobago?


Kurt Stephens:
I am studying abroad in Trinidad & Tobago for the semester - and sadly had to leave my sound reinforcement gear behind (as well as my Sound System Engineering vol. 3 book!).

Does anyone know anything sound-related I can do for fun here except analyze the local club systems (which form what Ive gathered are very shitty) - or go to concerts just to see what type of line arrays they use?

Anyone been there?

Larry Robbins:

--- Quote from: Kurt Malkames on January 20, 2011, 11:47:15 AM ---

Anyone been there?

--- End quote ---

In cruising up and down the Eastern Caribbean a few times, I have avoided Trinidad as it is a place with lots of crime against boaters, some of which is violent. 
As far as music goes, it is a place that has a huge  carnival which features many regional steel drum bands.  Take security very seriously.

Ricky John:
Lots to do in sweet T&T but like anywhere in the world right now, you have to be careful.
Lived 20 years in the various places in the US, Chicago, Atlanta and New Jersey and moved back about two years ago and started a small sound company. You are here at the right time, for Carnival.
Have fun and be safe.


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