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System drive computers

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Bill Fuss:
Hey yall. 1st post to the new boards. Woo hoo.

I've been kicking around the idea of getting a dedicated rack mount/mini computer for system drive applications.
One I was looking at is,

This computer would probably be running LA Manager/Smaart/Studio Manager/and maybe Soundvision.

The idea is the computer is just another part of the system like an amp or a cabinet. It wont be on the net except for updates and stuff.

I'm curious as to what everyone else is doing. Or is just bringing another laptop the way to go?

Thanks guys. Bill.

edit. punctuation.

Steven Barnes:
Looks like it is a pretty solid computer to throw in a rack. What OS are you planning on running on it? I didn't see what when scanning over the specs?

I have had good luck with a mac mini as a show computer running bootcamp and windows xp pro. I like the form factory and have never had an issue with any of them, but they cost a bit more than the computer you are looking at.

As far as having a rack mount computer vs a laptop, I have both. It is nice to have one solid rack mount computer that you know will run everything and is prewired in a rack that gets set up the same way regularly. Seems to save a bit of time. I keep my laptop for running show material and remote desktop type applications. I am also running all the same software on my laptop should the rack mount computer die on a show I have a backup for it.

Hope this help.

Bill Fuss:
It would most likely run xp but 7 is an option as well. It has an upgrade option of 4 gigs of ram and a 500 gig hd. There are a ton of these mini barebones pc's out there.

My plan is to mount this in a rack right next to a wireless router in one or two spaces. Then have a drawer to hold a monitor and keyboard.

My main concern is would the processor be able to handle having several of these programs running at the same time? And would the graphics card hold up to running Smaart and or Soundvision?

Another big thing is this will only get used as a system computer. A lot of guys are using laptops that they also use for personal stuff, and inherently they get gunked up with crap. Pictures/music/facebook/malware/yadda yadda. Having a dedicated system controller off the net would let it perform at its best.

Of course I will always have a laptop for remoting in to the head unit or in the event of the rackmount computer failing.

Steven, how did you go about rackmounting your mini mac? Got any pics?

Thanks, Bill.

Tom Reid:
Computers are noisy.
Puchasing today you have a lot of options.
Good cooling fans have db ratings.
If your CPU fan, or case fans don't have db ratings find one that does.
SSD drives are scary quiet.  And they are coming way down in price.
With proper fans, and an SSD drive, you may have to look if the power indicator is lit to tell if the computer is on.
Antec makes good cases, and they make rack mount cases too.
Parting a new computer should be a fun experience.
I use this site.

Keith Broughton:
If you are concerned about running multiple programs, but 2 computers.
You can switch your monitor/keyboard/mouse between them.
Let's face it, they are cheap!


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