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Soundcraft Vi4 questions

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Tim McCulloch:

--- Quote from: Steve Payne on June 22, 2011, 09:41:22 AM ---Hi Tim,
  Don't know why the OP is having problems getting through, but I will say that we have a pair of Vi4s.  We could not possibly be any happier with our choice in an A level digital desk...and more to the point, whenever we have hit a glitch or gotten stuck in a "duh" moment, support from Tom Der has been virtually instantaneous.  If he hasn't answered his cell phone on our first try, the call back is within minutes.

While I agree with your "red flag" warning to the OP, I wanted to go on record as having received as good of a product and service from Soundcraft as we have ever received from anyone in 35 years of doing live sound.

--- End quote ---

Hi Steve-

My comment to the OP was based on the very existence of his post.  If he's frustrated with a particular manufacturer even before the purchase order is signed, why *should* he expect anything different after the manufacturer has been paid?

I'm not taking a shot at Soundcraft; support is expensive and all manufacturers are spreading staff very thin.  To see an entire front-office staff (maybe 3 or 4 folks) working trade shows and trying to support sales via cell phone is now the norm.  It's up to Denny to decide if he needs more support than his current experience is providing, and if another vendor has better phone support perhaps he may wish to re-weight his selection criteria.

Have fun, good luck.

Tim Mc

ps.  Soundcraft's support and service are vastly superior to what they were doing 20 years ago, but living through that period left a bad taste with us and made us a 0% Soundcraft shop.  That said, they *are* better now and I'd gladly audition a Vi series desk for clients if the demand was there.

Denny Conn:
Thanks to all for the help.  I got through to a tech support person who was (kind of) able to answer my questions.  My main question was when will I be able to directly control the board with a computer.  I've been hearing for quite a while from our local Soundcraft guy, George Relles (who some of you may know), that it's "real soon now", but I wanted to see if I could get anything more definite to aid planning.  As you might guess, I got no definite answer.

To the point of service before the sale reflecting service after the sale, I know the feeling.  I've been in this biz a LONG time, both from the manufacturer's side and the end user's side.  In spite of my long use of Soundcraft products and respect for them, I was getting a bit concerned when several calls and emails to their sales staff went unanswered.  I still think they should be concerned about that, but I did get a PM from their PNW rep that put my mind at ease.  Coupled with my previous experience with them, it hasn't really made a negative impression.  But I wish I could say "Boy, were those guys responsive".


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