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Issues with Wireless Lavaliere Mic

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Kevin Wilson:
Hello everyone

I am having an issue with our wireless lavaliere mic distorting and causing some major problems.  Im thinking it is interference - but hoping some of you with more knowledge can give me some suggestions on how to fix it.

We are currently using a Freeway 600 series from Audio Technica.  It is having major issues of loud crackling and fading in and out.  This startles the congregation during the teaching and is a big interruption.

We also have a ATW-R3100 series from Audio Technica that we could use if it would be better.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  What other info is needed?


Kevin Wilson

Lee Buckalew:
Please read the rules and use your real full name, rather than an alias.

The moderator will be by and give you the same info and then lock the thread if there's no response.

As to your question.  What city, zip code, are you located in?
The wireless system that you have was only available in two channel ranges.
Band A, 470MHz - 480MHz
Band B 482MHz - 492MHz
Which range do you have?

Lee Buckalew
Pro Sound Advice, Inc.

Kevin Wilson:
Sorry Lee - I thought my signature at the end covered the full name requirement.  Fixed it.

My location is in Voluntown - 06351.

My freq range is Band A.


Kevin Wilson

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: pk4yahweh on January 19, 2011, 11:28:46 am ---Sorry Lee - I thought my signature at the end covered the full name requirement.  Fixed it.

--- End quote ---

Or not. Please go to your profile and put your real full name in the "name" field.


Kevin Wilson:
OK...  I misunderstood... sorry.


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