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DSP5D>PM5D>DME64 using Cascade connections?


Mike Keniger:

We have been using a system with a PM5D and a DME64.  The PM5d connects to the DME64 with a single Cascade cable so that PM5D mix busses feed into the DME64 for further processing.   (We are using mode 2 cascade connection, so that Slots3&4 on the PM5D are used to patch the busses).

We are about to add a DSP5D to the above to expand the PM5D.   As the Cascade Out on the PM5D is already in use is it possible to do the following:
 DSP5d Cascade Out > PM5D Cascade In : PM5D Cascade Out > DME64 Cascade In

Most importantly retaining the control of the DSP5D from the PM5D (ie assigning the User Define Keys to access the DSP5D on the PM5D control surface).

I think this is possible but the manual does not list this specific example!!

Hope the above makes sense, thanks for your time.


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