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RIP Don Kirshner

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Mike Christy:
Some of my memories of DKRC include seeing Kiss for the first time ( simply dressed in black Ts with what looked like elmers glue and glitter stuck to it ), then there was Edgar Winter who performed the Double Drum Solo Song, live - which is what Frankenstein was originally called.

I think it came on at 11:30, and I thought it was much better than The MNS with Wolfman Jack.

I sat about 2 feet from the screen - so not to wake everyone else sleeping in the house, hence my radiation poisoning today...


Mike Brown (NW CT):
Don was of course the musical director for the Monkees, up until "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You".  OK, I know, I know - but some of those records were darned good ones, and there were some ace players on them - James Burton, Glen Campbell, Louie Shelton and  Gerry McGee for starters.

Don got sacked for a number of reasons, the aforementioned "A Little Bit..." single being the straw that broke the camel's back. The group was quite unhappy with the second album "More Of The Monkees" for various reasons (the album actually had some great songs on it, like "She", "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone", "The Kind Of Girl I Could Love", "I'm a Believer" and Carole King's gorgeous "Sometime In The Morning" - there were 3 really bad songs on there but on balance, if you compared it to most of its contemporaries, it delivered a good bang for the buck).


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