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jk audio BLUESET / BSET-HS1 wireless bluetooth com headset


brian frost:
So I'm wearing yet another full-weight com headset on this 10day show and realize I need to get something asap.  I thought of getting the TELEX PH-88, which is the standard one-ear lightweight set that I see most at shows, until I stumbled on this: JK AUDIO's BLUESET bluetooth headset adaptor and JK AUDIO's BSET-HS1 pairing headset:

If Im reading right, by combining the range of the bluetooth in the adaptor & headset, you increase your range up to 66ft before dropouts begin.  So in theory, If Im within 66ft of my beltpack left backstage in A2 world I can roam freely on stage... engaging the mic/latch on the headset.  In essence freeing me up from a 5lb tr825 & (sometimes) 8' headset cable that goes out w/ most btr800s.

Has anyone tried this particular combo, or something similar? What results have you had?  Is it particularly noticeable if someone using one on a medium-sized com network? 



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