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Pioneer CDJs 350 goes Washington DC


Poopedi Kwena:
Hi guys
I live down the world map here in South Africa and here sound gear is expensive (crown Itech 8000 cost abt the same price as a brand new Toyota yaris 1.4). I have a friend who will be visiting Washington and I want him to get me a pair of Pioneer cdj 350s. The stuff here cost ZAR15000 a pair, that's about a month salary of professional nurse. Lol! So I'm looking to save around ZAR5000, or so I think, that's abt enough 2pay 1 month instalment for Audi A4 1.9TDI.
Now, does anybody knw a sound store in DC that I cn send my friend to?

P.S 1US$ = 7ZAR

Much appreciated


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