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Sanity Check of Setup before purchase

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Martin Rowe:
Firstly Hello everyone :)

I hope people do not mind me asking this, seeing as this is my first post on these forums!

I am in a band (rock) and we are going to start playing at weddings and parties etc, up to 250 people. A bit of background on the band, I use electronic drums, 1 lead vocalist, 1 backing vocalist, 2 guitarists (who have their own amps) and a bass guitarist.

I am looking at the following setup and wanted to know if the setup is going to cut it and also if I am purchasing the right equipment for the job. I also must stress that it needs to be as portable as possible without sounding rubbish.

I already have a Mackie Onyx 1640i as the mixer and this is what I am looking at purchasing:

2x EV ZX5
2x EV SB122
2x Yamaha P5000S
1x Yamaha P2500S
1x EV DC One

Setup in this configuration:

The EV ZX5s are bi-ampable (if thats a word) so I will be using the DC One to send left and right high frequencies to inputs A&B of the P2500S to power the compression drivers only. I will then output from the DC One into one of the P5000S a signal with low cut at 100Hz and high cut at around 1500Hz, and then another output from the DC one into the other P5000S for the SB122s.

I hope the above makes sense and if anyone can offer any advice or notice any "gotchas" in there, I would appreciate it.

The reason I have chosen Yamahas over the EV brand amps is just simply a cost saving.

I guess the main points I need clarifying are:

1) Are the amps going to be enough for the job?
2) Would the SB122s be a good choice as subs for the ZX5s? I have chosen these for portability reasons
3) Any suggestions on alternative kit if opinions on the EV equipment chosen are bad?
4) Price is an obvious concern, can this kind of setup be achieved with better quality for a cheaper price?
5) Would the EV DC One be better than say a dBx Driverack PA+?

Many thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.



Mike Pyle:
The SB122s will not be adequate to keep up with the ZX5s nor for your musical purposes.

I don't know how the performance of the new ELX118 subs will be, but expect they would be a little closer to what you need, and still remain pretty portable. If you can afford them, a PROVEN option would be a pair of Danley TH-Minis.

Martin Rowe:
Hi Mike

Thanks for the reply. Only down side to the Danley is that I am in the UK

Unfortunately I just cannot stretch the budget to a Nexo PS10R2 system, which would be my preference.

I had a feeling the SB122s would not cut it. Therefore I wonder if anyone has any good reviews on the JBL SRX range? The reason I have steered away from JBL is only because I have been let down by them before, albeit that was 10 years ago.



Brent Venter:

Would powered speakers not be more portable for your application?

In your price range Dynacord make some pretty good pre-packaged systems.

Just a thought.

Martin Rowe:
Hi Brent

I have always been a tad skeptical about powered speakers, mainly because I want to be in control remotely of the volume of the tops and bottoms. If this was a more fixed installation or regular venue then yeah, great, its just I know we are doing varying venues where some will require more bottom or top than others, which I can change easily on stage.

Its the subs that are causing me the problem because of their size and weight more than anything else.

Would 4 SB122s make up the deficit, instead of just 2?




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