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Author Topic: Gig size with SRX722/725 & 728s x4  (Read 5204 times)

Bob Leonard

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Re: Gig size with SRX722/725 & 728s x4
« Reply #10 on: June 08, 2011, 10:13:41 pm »

I see here you mention in the thread title 722/725. I recognize that the 722 is one hell of a box, and own a pair used for vocals only.... until lately when I replaced them with 725s.
I/we, the band, were nevr really happy with the 722s when compared side by side with the 725s. But, I'll also state that had I not used them side by side I would have seen/heard no reason for a change. That being said I am now fully convinced that the 725 is a far better sounding and more usefull box than the 722. The transition to an 18" sub is much smoother, and low mids (kick and bass guitar) will simply kick your ass.
The drawback to the 725 is it's size. It's easy enough for one person to handle at 100lbs, and even an old guy like me can put one on top of a sub by myself. It's the size of the box that may matter. They're large, no two ways around it, but if that is not a major concern do yourself a favor and go with 725s all around.
And if you still have to buy 722s I have a pair that are like new with covers for $1000 each plus shipping sitting in my basement.  ;)

Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your input. I should have been clearer in my OP. I meant (4) 725s or (4) 722s. I have four 722s. I bought them instead of the 25s due to size/weight and to save a little money. One of my biggest problems is height of the 722. After some time with the 22s, if I had it to do all over again, I'd buy the 25s. A friend of mine with a soundco bought the 25s. We purchased our gear around the same time, with the thought of putting the systems together if either of us had a large show. We both bought 4 & 4, he pushed for the 25s, I pushed for the 22s, we ended up going our own direction. I have discovered that it is a LOT easier to get the sound I want with the 725.

With my recent amp upgrade, unfortunately I can't afford to get the 25s no time soon. Hopefully, I will eventually make it happen.


And I'll bet the 722s do an incredible job forr you just the way they are. I tend to split hairs when it comes to tone.
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Re: Gig size with SRX722/725 & 728s x4
« Reply #10 on: June 08, 2011, 10:13:41 pm »

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