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Alesis Microverb3 for an in-ear board?


Jonathan Melot:
Hello all,

Our church is wanting to spruce up our in-ear board a bit.  We just got an Allen and Heath monitor board with 12 mixes and are getting everything together to replace our older MixWiz.  One thing we'll miss on the MixWiz is the built in effects that we use in our ears (some reverb and delay).

Since we won't need all 12 mixes yet, I'd like to use one of the aux sends to run a reverb unit.  I was thinking of looking for a used Alesis Microverb 3.  Has anyone used those?  Would they work well for this implementation? We just need something simple!  Anything else you might recommend?  Thanks!


Kurt Stephens:
This might not help you a whole lot - but

I had a MIDIVerb4 for a long time and it was a very solid piece of equipment for me. No troubles given the abuse it took. I imagine that the MicroVerb3 is also pretty solid in terms of reliability. Also had a 3630 comp. for a while and it was equally solid. In terms of useability - I guess thats more your call.

Ned Ward:
It will work better than nothing, but there are other options that will sound better. I owned two Midiverb II's back in the day and they were great back then. For IEMs, it could pass.


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