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Tom Reid:

--- Quote from: John Roberts {JR} on January 25, 2011, 06:27:49 PM ---Some of us go to great effort to attain that fuzzy thinking..... 8)

Glad you are enjoying better living through chemistry.

Any scary bad news on that little sheet of paper that comes with the script.


--- End quote ---

It is an opiod, so there is an addiction caution.
Being a mu-opiod it doesn't present me with being stoned all day.
So if they didn't kill pain, I wouldn't want to take them.
It backs up the opiod with an SNRI, so it can't be taken in combination with some SSRI.
Thanks for the reminder, as with all medications check with your doctor and pharmacist
for unfavorable combinations.

James Babcock:
Tom, I appreciate you sharing in such a public forum. This information is helpful to those of us in similar situations, thank you.

Jason Tubbs:
Tom -

As one who will now be facing a life of chronic pain, thank you for the info! 



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