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Stereo to mono cable or mixer

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George Friedman-Jimenez:
I am using the smallest right angle 3.5mm plug (Neutrik NTP3RC) on the iPod end, so as to minimize physical strain on the headphone out jack. That makes it impossible to fit a resistor in that end. I will look for some 1/4 watt resistors, that should make the soldering job a bit easier in the tight space. Thanks.

Tracy Garner:
I have been using the 1/8" to RCA and then an RCA-to-XLR and haven't had any problems related to phantom or otherwise. This combination works for the iPod or the cheap battle mixers used by the Djs. In the case where there might be computer hum, ALL of my problems have been mitigated by the 3 prong to 2 prong adaptor on the power cable of the laptop.

George Friedman-Jimenez:
From your description, I am not clear on the actual circuitry you are using. Are you using a simply Y-cable circuit, iPod headphone out > stereo 1/8" TRS plug > cable > 2 RCA plugs > 2 RCA to 1 XLRM Y-cable > single XLR input to mixer? Or, equivalently, iPod headphone out > stereo 1/8" TRS plug > Y-cable > 1 RCA plug > XLRM > single XLR input to mixer?
Or is there some other circuitry that prevents the output from 1 channel of the iPod from being applied across the output of the other channel? That is what I am using the 3 resistors for.


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