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Inexpensive 40-60" LCD displays, model & source recomendations?


dave moldover:
I need to buy several more LCD displays to be used to display text information and some recorded video.

I recently used a $800 LED/LCD HDTV for this with a wall mount and vertical truss. It worked great.

I'd like to buy 4 more in the 40-60" range. They need to have a USB reader so we can display a jpg slideshow and the usual inputs.

Sources? thanks!

Brad Weber:
Some more details might help like what inputs are required?  Do they need to have integrated speakers?  What type of control is desired?  Any criteria as far as native resolution, brightness, viewing angles and so on?
Is this a consumer or commercial application?  Some consumer/residential products have warranties that specifically exclude commercial/professional use or that limit coverage to consumer use.  Would that be a factor?
For LCD displays I typically look at the commercial products offered by LG, NEC and Samsung, although Sharp and Viewsonic also offer some commercial LCD display products.


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