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Author Topic: Cascading PM5D, DSP5D, and PM5D  (Read 1603 times)

Chris Trupe

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Cascading PM5D, DSP5D, and PM5D
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:36:23 pm »

This is regarding a gig coming up at Penns Landing in Philly this weekend.  The house has a PM5D at FOH, and a DSP5D on stage, and they are using the DSP5D as their snake, all that is run to FOH is a Cat5 cable and no copper.  I assume they have a DCU5D at FOH to enable the cascade.

I carry a PM5D with 2 racks for in ears, power supplies, and Lake Processing, where I run both FOH and monitors off of.  It is all very neatly wire tied, and would be a huge pain to rewire their console to my racks for in ears and other outboard gear.  I also have a DCU5D in my rack.

There is not room at FOH to put my PM5D.

Here are two solutions I believe would work.  Both involving keeping my PM5D on stage.  I am looking to see if I am missing something, because this seems too easy.

1.  Cascade my PM5D on stage into their DSP5D.  This having 3 total 'machines' as Yamaha calls them.  And I can access everything on my console on stage from the house console at FOH.

2.  If the house does not need the DSP5D for any returns, take the Cat5 cable from the DSP5D, do not use the DSP5D at all, and just cascade the two PM5D's, and take that cat5 that went to the DSP, and plug it into my DCU5D to be able to cascade the house PM5D and my PM5D.

As long as firmware is all up to date on everyone ends, I would think this should be very easy.  Basically using the house 5D as a remote control for my 5D which would live on stage.

Should work right?

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Cascading PM5D, DSP5D, and PM5D
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:36:23 pm »

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