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Grand piano micing

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Roland Clarke:

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--- Quote from: luis Markson on May 13, 2011, 05:26:56 PM ---I've been given the artist No for questions. Hopefully they have the answers I need

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If they're traveling with a FOH engineer then your off the hook. When I read an input list that says all mics supplied by artist then 98% of the time there's a FOH engineer and your fine. It would be unusual for a band to bring a complete mic package and not an engineer. If their not and you got an crappy old rider then I'd put up whatever your comfortable working with since you can't put a pickup on a rented piano (usually.) I favor a pair of side address condensers like 414's, some dynamics with nice high end like Heil's or maybe a couple of beta 91's taped to the lid if it's a closed lid situation. That way you get the elements as close as you can for the best gain before feedback. There's much to read about placement but most put them between the bracings about 1/3 to half way away from the keyboard. Sometimes in a loud situation I'll crawl underneath and find a nice place on the soundboard to put a dynamic very close to the soundboard in a resonant spot for more low end. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Most people eventually wind up with the pickup+mic situation. When the piano arrives, ring it out a little before soundcheck and that's about as good as it gets.   

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If they are bringing their own mic kit, I'd be betting they have their own FOH engineer.  Placement would totally depend on type of music, and what kit they are supplying, though a lot of the advice above is all good.  This is where there really is no substitute for experience!  Good luck!

Chase Livingston:
I've seen someone use two wireless lavalier mics taped to hang right above the second and fifth sound holes in the piano, it created a great sound, with the piano at full lid.


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