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Marketplace Rules and Suggestions


Mac Kerr:
Here is a quote of Craig's original Marketplace rules, with some slight editing to reflect different conditions in these new forums:

--- Quote ---The LAB Marketplace is the only area on the forums where any commerce is allowed. You can post FOR SALE, WANT TO BUY, NEED INFO ON WHERE TO BUY, LABOR WANTED, LABOR AVAILABLE, or COMPANY/SERVICES WANTED ads here.  You CANNOT post any COMPANY SERVICES AVAILABLE ads here. If you want to advertise your company or services, then please contact PSW for advertising space.  Likewise, if you are a sales business  selling new merchandise, you cannot list those type items here. (and YES, demo items or unsold items from years past just found on a back shelf count as NEW items from a sales company)

Also, if you are listing items for others for a fee (like a sales agent or broker) you are not allowed to use the marketplace for those items.

You can list For Sale, or Want To Buy any type of Production equipment (including lighting, staging, backline, comm, test, recording, etc) not just audio. 

>>>>>>>NOTE>>>> If you do sales, but also have production services, you can list your used production gear here, just not any equipment from the sales side of your business.

Real names are required to post here. Your real first and last name must be in your handle, as well as your profile. Postings without both first and last real names as the handle will be deleted. 

Please post your location if you are selling an item.

Our software lets you add 5 pictures to your post.

An alternate way to get pictures (even multiples) into your post is to use a service like Its free!  You can upload pictures to their site, and link to the picture in the posting.
You can only repost an ad after one month.

This does not stop you from replying to questions about your items via PM, or editing the ad to reflect new prices, sold items, etc. 

If you have any questions about the rules, or a current posting on the board, please feel free to contact  a Moderator.

--- End quote ---

In addition to what Craig said you will notice some changes in the Marketplace. No one is allowed to reply to a Marketplace posting. The biggest PITA of moderating these forums in the past has been dealing with gratuitous post bumping in the Marketplace. There will be no more bumping. To respond to a message, either PM or email the original poster. All discussion about the sale will take place via PM or email.

To posters; There is a limit of 5 images per ad listing. Make sure you can fully illustrate your items in that number of images. Also be sure to include the method you wish to be contacted by. Include your email address if you do not look at your PMs regularly. Include your location so readers have an idea about how viable shipping is. You may edit your post with no limit, you may also remove your post when all items have been sold. All posts will be removed when they have reached 3 months online.

If you have any questions contact a moderator for clarification.



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