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Unclogging Look Unique Hazer


Brian Gowing:
I acquired a used Look Unique (not Unique 2) hazer. Everything works on it except it's clogged and I've been unsuccessful at getting it unclogged. I've tried to use vinegar to run through it but the air pump hose keeps blowing off the Y fitting. A new heater core costs about $285 so I'd like to find a cheaper solution. Anyone got any ideas of what I can try to unclog it?


Matt Jordan:
Hi Brian,

  I have been succsessful using a 75% to 25% vinegar to distilled water mix. Just let it sit for about a week. About a 30% chance of it coming back alive. The key is to clean it according to the manufacturer's recomendations before it gets that bad.

 Hope that helps.

Brian Gowing:
Thanks Matt. I'll try that and hopefully that will take care of it. I suspect that the previous owner didn't follow the directions on usage and that it got clogged and they kept trying to use.

Gus Housen:
i was rooting around a hobby shop one day and found some very small diameter metal rod, i had a old Fogger I inherited that didnt work. the small rod worked.


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