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6-8ch isolator


Bojan Bajsic:

I want to avoid ground loop issues in the venue i work at because we frequently connect consumer gear like DVD players, CD players, Bluray players to an unbalanced input on our sound processor (no balanced), usually not on the same electrical outlet.

We have been using an ART t8 transformer/isolator ( which has RCA inputs, but i still get humm quite often (though not as pronounced as without the T8). the T8 doesnt have a ground lift switch also (and i dont know if this is even common or necessary on isolators)

I was thinking if i should install an 8channel passive or active DIbox and use RCA-1/4" unbal cables and hope to eliminate humm with the ground lift switch and maybe add features like padding (although i dont seem to need that much, might come in handy tho).

Would an active DI potentially add another ground issue? Is there a nicer product in the sub 1000$ range or is the Art T8 a crappy piece? Is my thinking completely off?

Thank you for any advice you might give :)


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