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Author Topic: new vs used A&H board  (Read 3911 times)

Chris Davis

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Re: new vs used A&H board
« Reply #10 on: April 30, 2011, 12:03:31 am »

Also, the 32 channel GL2400 is close in size to the 24 channel GL2200.  So that says something about saving space, or stuff getting smaller, all depending on how you want to look at it.

Are you sure about that size difference Chris?

It seems to me that A&H indulged in a little "console math" for some of their products (goaded into it my other manufacturers, no doubt) where they counted the four stereo line inputs and 8 more "channels".

I'm pretty sure that the GL2000, 2200, and 2400s I've seen were all basically the same size for the same number of mic pres, which is what really counts for most live users.


Hi Geoff, good question.  To find the answer, I had to pull out an old GL2200 that I have.  It turns out that it is a GL2200-424.  It has 24 complete channel strips.  BUT,  it does "claim" to have 32 channels, including all the partial channel strips.  It measures 36" across. (See below, I have attached the official graphics from the user guides.)

So I do remember it correctly - I just had them switched around in my head as I typed.  It has just been some time since I actually compared them side by side. 

My thoughts back when I had them side by side must have been "gee, it can 'almost' fit in the old road case"  But yes, there is a difference.  Looking at the specs side by side, the width of the current 32 channel console is almost halfway in-between width of the old 24 and 32 channel consoles.

From what I remember, if I had removed some of the foam from either side inside my older road case, the newer GL2400 32 channel board would have most certainly fit in.  Except that I never modified it since I wanted to keep it usable for the GL2200 board.

P.S.  To round this out, I also just looked at an old GL2000-424 that I also have.  It also measured 36" across.  In fact the frame is virtually indestinguishable from the GL2200-424 frame.  Just some different control surface features.
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Re: new vs used A&H board
« Reply #10 on: April 30, 2011, 12:03:31 am »

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