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Fostex VM200 Digital Mixer


David Kaiser:
I need information about this mixer. I am considering replacing my aging Mackie 1202VLZ. This digital mixer seems to have all the features I would need, minus the compressors and balanced outputs. My 1202 has spent the last few years on a pull out shelf in the bottom of a 6 space SKB rack. That rack has often been vertical and I am wondering how durable the VM200 is. I have read the manual. Inputs would be a stereo mic/pair and two wireless mics. I would also be feeding a single line through once a year. I would not be using the digital inputs at all. I probably would not be using the digital outputs. I like the four band eq and I currently have a DBX1046 compressor.

Are there any similarly small digital mixers out there? So far the only mixers that I have found that meet my needs are the 1202VLZ/3 and the VM200. ChANNEL MUTES and PFL are a must have. I sold my 1402 several years back and am not interested in anything with more physical channels.

Kasey Linsberg:
I have its little brother, the VM88. It is a decent little board, good build quality. I am not sure how similar the interfaces are, but it can be a bit precocious at times and occasionally doesn't acknowledge a change. If it meets your needs and you feel comfortable having to fix anything about it on your own as there is no support network for it that I am aware of, I think it may serve your needs. 


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