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Timer for amp


Bradford "BJ" James:
I have a customer who wants to put a timer on a background music system. The easiest way for him to do this is to use a timer on the amp (Yorkville 4040). Apparently he has bought a timer, but it does not shut the amp off. He replaced it with a similar unit hoping it was a bad timer. I haven't seen it. I presume it is a Walmart or similar digital timer. Will a regular HD mechanical timer work for this? I presume the problem has something to do with the size of the amp, and I know some timers cannot be used with certain appliances such as florescent lighting.

Mark Mattocks:
Is this a timer that turns off the outlet? Interrupting current to the amplifier will turn it off, no matter how large the amplifier.

Hal Bissinger/COMSYSTEC:
Some timers don't utilize actual contacts but rather solid state devices to control the load. The latter are for use with resistive loads and will cause problems with inductive loads. I think this is what's happening here.



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