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Soundcraft Vi6 pros and cons

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Florian Pagany:
Hello, my question is: Is there anybody who had to work or is a owner of a Vi6 and can give me some advice about the pros and cons of this console(AD/DA Converters, GEQ, PEQ, copressors, FX, routing ect.), compared to let me say any other digital one in the same category?
thank you!

Florian Pagany ;)

David Buehler:
You need your full name in your profile to post....

Florian Pagany:
done  ;)

Ned Ward:

--- Quote from: nmsoundengineer on January 14, 2011, 01:16:05 AM ---You need your full name in your profile to post....

--- End quote ---

So should you, nmsoundengineer.

Royce Covington:
please read the quoted text.

this certainly has been an informative topic discussion...



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