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Author Topic: SRX718s help needed  (Read 477 times)

Plamen Milev

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Re: SRX718s help needed
« Reply #10 on: Yesterday at 06:59:22 AM »

I'm not convinced setting precise voltage limits prevents damage, because we have heat based damage, but also physical damage by 'over-excursioning' - I'm not at all sure that these drivers, with their odd design with big heat sinks gets damaged from continuous loud signals, but the sudden quite violent movements faults and clipping make them do? I have no proof at all - it's just a feeling, so I'm now looking at how effective these quick limiters can be at toning down these sudden, destructive peaks, rather than the overall level. I have no idea if this is a solution apart from what's happened recently and the failure I've had with a simply nasty sounding show, while a louder, continuous level show that was more 'musical' caused no grief?

I do understand that there are RMS limiters but in my situation I haven't got access to such equipment. Heat based damage - well heat is produced by the power feeded so surely a limiter would limit this. I understand the concept of limit peak power and thus the RMS power can increase but in my case this would lit the limiters as well as produce a compressed sound. And that would be noticeable either way so it will work for me.

Paul G. OBrien

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Re: SRX718s help needed
« Reply #11 on: Yesterday at 10:25:06 PM »

I did a gig and had limiters set up to 1600W@4 bridged but my tops couldn't keep up with the subs so I had to reduce the gain on the bass.

This is your own personal system correct? If so you don't have to worry about a rogue operator abusing the system, when you see the limiters activate you know that is as loud as it will go so I'm sure you won't just keep pushing it harder. It's also a good decision to err on the conservative side with powering subs, depending on the genres you play they may have to absorb a lot of continuous energy. The limiters in the DCX aren't state of the art by any means but they do a good job none the less, so yes use them.

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Re: SRX718s help needed
« Reply #11 on: Yesterday at 10:25:06 PM »

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